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COMANCO Rain Shed Reduction Project at Central Florida Chemical Plant

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Project Superintendents Jason and Jeremy Giles have put together an all-star team. The COMANCO crew has installed more than 189,000 sqft out of a total of 269,800 sqft of 40mil liner.

Additional COMANCO crew members will start the installation of 662,580 sqft of 60mil liner in late September, and project completion expected early November.

Project Manager Jayme Harris “I would like to recognize Juan Morales for stepping up in his current job responsibilities as a Leadman with overseeing the liner crew in the absence of a dedicated foreman on-site, as well as Dillon Adkinson for assisting Juan in his training, duties, and responsibilities. Ubaldo Mancilla has also been doing a fantastic job with QC reporting on this project.”

Congratulations to Jason Giles, Foreman for the earthwork portion of the rain shed project as he was brought in to lead the site crew and project site in July.

COMANCO’s crew continues to overcome daily challenges and is staying focused on making the customer extremely happy with our job performance and progress.