COMANCO Prides Itself on First Impressions


First impressions are a part of everyday life. Most people believe we formulate opinions about someone in the first several seconds of interacting with that person.

Here, at COMANCO, we pride ourselves on having positive first impressions with everyone we come into contact with.

COMANCO’s Superintendent Martin Calderon, for example, is currently working on projects in the western United States, and he makes sure to get his COMANCO truck and trailer washed before heading to a new job site. We make sure COMANCO is exuding a professional appearance at all times.

Here are some tips on how you too can execute a positive first impression with everyone you meet like COMANCO.

  1. Project Happiness

A smile goes a long way. Be impactful and set the tone by smiling when you meet someone. It automatically generates a positive feeling into your interaction. Projecting happiness is an integral part of the COMANCO way.

  1. Demonstrate Confidence

Believe in your abilities and show confidence that you can perform them well. Others will see that and be inclined to agree because of your steadfastness.  Over the course of 29 years, COMANCO has exuded the confidence that we can deliver on all your construction needs, and we can.

  1. Always Be Early

Being early and prompt is imperative in your business life and your personal life.  Being early allows you the time to prepare yourself for the tasks ahead. Being early to projects enables COMANCO to continue to provide SAFETY, QUALITY, and SERVICE to everyone.