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COMANCO Out West: 5 Ways the Mining Industry Uses Geosynthetics

Many industries use geosynthetic systems to optimize production and sustainability. For instance, the mining industry uses Geosynthetics in different ways to create sustainable solutions. Some examples include using geosynthetic materials for heap leach pads, tailing management, mine closure, evaporation ponds, and drainage systems. 

1. Heap Leach Pads: Heap Leach Pads collect valuable materials and require impermeable Geomembranes to maximize production.

2. Tailing Management: Mine tailings are contained using leak-proof Geomembrane barriers to prevent leaks.

3. Mine Closure: Geomembranes provide a long-lasting and safe way to contain and stabilize mines in their post-production stages.

4. Evaporation Ponds: Evaporation ponds are lined with Geomembranes to create durable holding locations to process valuable minerals.

5. Drainage Systems: Geocomposites create semi-permeable drainage systems to filter and manage liquids used for mining operations.

But how can mining operators and owners rest assured that these methods are performing effectively? The best answer is to start at the beginning, with the installation process. Each system requires the utmost precision to avoid production errors. Because of our 30 years of experience installing geosynthetics, COMANCO guarantees that we will install your project with care from the start. Overall, faulty systems waste time and resources. So you need to rely on experts who will save you from unnecessary repairs. COMANCO boasts accolades for safety, quality, and service from customers that have earned us a reputation as an international leader in geosynthetic installations. Contact COMANCO today for a free quote on your next geosynthetic project. 


COMANCO is a leading environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in constructing containment facilities. 

Are you interested in COMANCO’s worldwide impact? Our Geosynthetic installations aid a wide variety of industries across the globe. Explore our services to see how we can help your industry achieve sustainable outcomes. 

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