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COMANCO: North Florida Gyp Stack Expansion Update


COMANCO Environmental, along with subcontractor Trader Construction, continue to make substantial progress on a gyp stack expansion project in North Florida.

To date, COMANCO has installed nearly 5 million square feet of 60-mil HDPE textured liner (out of 11 million total), led by Superintendent Arnulfo Martinez.  Trader has prepared the liner subgrade and covered a significant portion with compacted gypsum.

COMANCO has also been installing HDPE outlets for the last two weeks.  So far, two outlets have been completed, and a third is nearing completion.  A variety of tools and technology are being utilized, including a GPS-equipped excavator, a remote-controlled compactor, and data-logging pipe fusion machines.  On the other side of the spectrum, Foreman Jesus Delgado thought “outside the box” and elected to use pine trees to hold the liner seepshields in place.  This sturdy, light-weight, solution minimizes the risk and makes the installation safer and more efficient.

Stay tuned for more updates, as COMANCO and Trader continue to make progress on this gyp stack expansion.