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COMANCO: North Florida Gyp Stack Expansion Update

COMANCO Environmental, along with subcontractor Trader Construction, continue to make substantial progress on a gyp stack expansion project in North Florida.

To date, COMANCO has installed nearly 9.5 million square feet of 60-mil HDPE textured liner (out of 11 million total), HDPE outlets and now installing Fabriform led by Superintendent Jesus Delgado.  The Fabriform will serve as erosion control around the cleanouts and outlet pipes for the gyp stack’s drainage system. Trader has prepared the liner subgrade and covered a significant portion with compacted gypsum.

COMANCO Environmental Management took the time to thank the crew with donuts and coffee to show appreciation for the tremendous effort that each employee has given and their dedication to Safety, Quality, and Service.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

Stay tuned for more updates, as COMANCO and Trader continue to make progress on this gyp stack expansion.