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COMANCO Nears Completion on Storm Water Repair Project at Bradford County Landfill

COMANCO nears completion on a storm-water improvement project at the Bradford County Landfill in Central Florida. The scope of work includes removing 500 LF of old, damaged 24″ Corrugated Metal Pipes (CMP) and replacing with 24″ HDPE Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) pipes.  The work also includes a rip-rap outlet basin along with enhancements for the storm water inlet with Fabriform, drain line clean outs, restoring inlet berms, and repairing damaged 30-mil PVC Liner.

Superintendent Matt Carroll and the skilled crew have been working very cautiously not to disturb this landfill’s numerous existing underground utilities.

Great job by the team for coordinating heavy machinery while continually maintaining a high level of safety awareness.