COMANCO Nearing Completion on North Florida Landfill

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A COMANCO team led by Superintendent Bill Newman is in the final stages of completion for a new C&D Landfill located in North Florida. 

Bill and his crew have excavated and hauled over 150,745 cubic yards of material and soil at this North Florida Landfill. They have also installed a three-layer Geosynthetic liner system consisting of 311,770lf of 60mil textured HDPE Geomembrane and double-sided Geocomposite.

HDPE geomembrane liner is the preferred product for lining projects; it offers resistance to many different solvents and is the most widely used geomembrane liner in the world. HDPE geomembrane provides higher specific strength and can withstand high temperatures.

The leachate collection system (LCS) consists of 8” & 24” HDPE pipe wrapped with 440 cubic yards of river gravel and geotextile that runs down the center of the new cell and sump area. Over 23,000 cubic yards of protective cover soil were placed on the seven-acre site. The crew is now focusing on the final stage of the project. This involves excavating and grading stormwater basins and the installation of access ramps and roads for on-road trucks to dump waste. 

Service encompasses everything we do at COMANCO. The sole reason we exist as a company is to serve our customers by striving to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction. COMANCO values our customer relationships, built over time, through our ability to deliver what we promise on time for a fair price without sacrificing safety or quality because our reputation and your business depend on it.

For more than 30 years, COMANCO has provided an unmatched level of service, regardless of the size of the project. Whether for minor liner repairs, challenging 400 acre, multilayered-lining systems, or multi-disciplined projects requiring earthmoving, piping, and geosynthetics installation, the goal is always the same – Customer Satisfaction. No project is complete until our client’s expectations have been met or exceeded.

This new landfill will provide the customer and the surrounding communities with a new landfill cell ready to dispose of C&D waste materials for years to come while protecting the environment.

Another Landfill is ready to serve the people of North Florida!


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