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COMANCO Makes Strides on Gypsum Stack Construction Project

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On a gypsum stack in Central Florida, COMANCO crews are nearing completion of what will serve as a newly reactivated 40+ acre area to pump gypsum slurry onto the stack.

Led by Superintendents Jeremy Giles and Scott Hall, the earthwork crew is finalizing the gypsum starter dikes’ construction. Upon completion, two gravel toe drains consisting of 800+ tons of 67 silica gravel will be installed at each end of a reinforcement berm to act as expansion joints for the weight of the future vertical expansion above. The crew is also simultaneously installing three 24″ ditch crossings around the perimeter that will serve as access points to the newly reactivated area.

Our drains crew, led by Superintendent Larry Graham and Leadman Juan Morales, is closing out the last phase of stabilization drains and the installation of 67 silica gravel for the gas venting and drainage geocomposite wicks around the perimeter of the project. Once completed, the crew will install a triple-run of 24″ HDPE pipes that will serve as the main drainage point for most of the 40+ acres.

Only a few more areas of Fabriform® mat and articulating block mat (ABM) remain for our COMANCO Fabriform® crew to complete. To date, the crew has installed over 10,500 SF of Fabriform® mat, 35,500 SF of articulating block mat (ABM), and roughly 650 CY of grout pumped. These areas around the outlet structures, grade breaks, and outfall areas are starting to take shape.

Continue to check the blog for updates as our COMANCO crews approach the finished product!