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COMANCO Lines Leach Pad for Arizona Gold Mine

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COMANCO Completes Liner Installation for a Heap Leach Pad at an Arizona Gold Mine.

COMANCO’s geosynthetic expertise provides diverse application potential for many industries, including mining. One dedicated COMANCO crew made remarkable progress on a liner installation for a Gold Mining operation in Arizona. 

Geosynthetics provide mines with soil stabilization, erosion control, tailing management, and water protection. Geosynthetics are also used to line heap-leach pads, which aid in extracting precious metals from the earth. The project was to expand a preexisting heap-leach pad. Ultimately, the expansion required installing 900,000 SF of CETCO’s GCL and 900,000 SF of AGRU’s 80mil LLDPE.

The durable and impervious nature of geomembranes makes them ideal for constructing these heap-leach systems. These benefits are both economic and environmental. The leak prevention provided by the geomembrane’s impenetrable barrier protects the surrounding environment from unwanted runoff and reduces the amount of product lost during the separation process.

Another example of a safe and cost-effective solution was our team’s decision to adjust their workday to correspond with the cooler night temperatures. This decision allowed them to beat the Arizona heat while remaining on schedule for our client. Thanks to their adaptability, the crew completed this project on time, met their safety goals, and delivered COMANCO’s quality guarantee. 


COMANCO is a leading environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in constructing containment facilities. 

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