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COMANCO Landfill Work Featured in ‘Waste Age’ Magazine


Photos of a few of the landfills that COMANCO worked on in 2011 have been featured in an article in the February edition of ‘Waste Age’ magazine. The article is entitled “Digging Into Landfill Design” by Michael Fickes, and it features pictures of the Aucilla (pgs 52-53) and Leon County (pgs. 54-55) Landfills. COMANCO completed the installation of the geosynthetics of Cell 3 of the Aucilla Area Landfill and completed small repair work on the Leon County Landfill in the Spring of last year.

The article describes what is currently being utilized in the way of landfill design, and how new developments and practices will change the way landfills are built in the future. The full article can be viewed on the Waste Age website (www.waste360.com) using the following link: