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COMANCO IT Department Gains Valuable Technology Certification


In the military training is what you do. You don’t build an effective military without relentless training. Which is why I was glad to see COMANCO’s dedication to providing the best training available for all of our employees. From the guy in the field to our managers at headquarters, all COMANCO employees take part in a thorough training plan which extends out to cover their entire career.

I am pleased to have just completed some of my training for the year. Likely the most difficult training I will have this year (and maybe even next!). I was privileged to attend VMware’s VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 6 training in beautiful Sarasota, Florida over the past two weeks. VMware systems power the majority of or servers here at COMANCO and maintaining them is a large part of the IT Department’s daily work.

With over 86% of COMANCO’s systems virtualized the training was a good fit. For 2017, we are planning a full re-build of the virtualized infrastructure in the server room at headquarters. This investment in VMware training will assure COMANCO systems are running the most modern, efficient servers with the best software out there. These core systems allow all COMANCO employees to deliver SAFETY ★ QUALITY ★ SERVICE on every job-site, every day.