COMANCO Hitting Key Milestones at Coal Ash Landfill Stormwater Project

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COMANCO continues to make way on multiple tasks on a stormwater improvement project in Palatka, FL. The 6” concrete slab over the 1-acre EPF basin has been finished, and the three centrifugal pumps at the basin’s pump station have been installed. The 5-acre stormwater pond has been fine graded, lined with an NW 24-oz Geotextile, 60-mil HDPE liner, and the geocomposite installation is nearing completion.

Additionally, the import and placement of the 2’ of cover soil are following close behind, and the 10” HDPE pipe toe drain installation will be starting in the coming days. Over 1,000 LF of 24” HDPE outlet pipe form, the SW pond has also been installed.

Great job by multiple crews communicating and working together in close quarters to get these tasks done safely.