COMANCO Grows Closer to Reaching their Next Milestone at Mississippi EPA Superfund Site

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Construction in Mississippi continues as Phase 1B of this project is underway and nearing completion. Phase 1B includes installing over 2 million SF of ClosureTurf®.  The system is made up of 50mil LLDPE Super Gripnet®, a top layer of engineer turf, and a specialized sand in-fill placed over and groomed into the engineered turf. This system will help to minimize the overall maintenance on the site for many years to come.

Now that the liner has been completed and the engineered turf installation has reached the halfway point, the crews will begin the third and final step, completing the sand in-fill. Once the sand is blown into place, the crew will follow closely behind, grooming the in-fill into the turf fibers. After the sand is blown into place, we will verify the depth checks, shot with GPS for final documentation.

COMANCO crews will move forward with the in-fill and prepare to install 42,000+ SF of HydroBinder™ across eight down drains as we make our way closer to the finish line 

Throughout the project, our crews continue to work diligently while keeping SAFETY #1.