COMANCO Gets Ready for 50-Acre Landfill Expansion in Miami, FL

COMANCO Environmental has commenced on another Landfill Expansion project in Miami, FL.  5 sub-cells will be built over a 50-acre area in South Florida.  The overall scope of work will include earthwork operations, a 5-layer geosynthetics system using over 8 million SF of GCL, Geomembrane & Geocomposite, a leachate collection system (LCS) consisting of HDPE pipe & granite wrapped in geotextile – all tying into the site’s existing force main system, Stormwater improvements and sodding.  The original crew on site has started clearing & mowing the heavy brush areas to get the site prepped for the heavy earthwork construction.  Superintendent, Chase Yarbrough commented, “I’m excited to be working down in South Florida again.  We are going to work safely, and provide the best quality work and service to our customer! ”

Check back in with us to see the progress being made down in the Florida sun!