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COMANCO Finishes Lateral Expansion in Southern Idaho


The eleven-man COMANCO crew led by Superintendent Arnulfo Martinez, completed deployment and installation for the lateral expansion of a gypsum stack at a phosphate process plant in Southern Idaho. To date, the crew produced impressive results installing over 327,000 SF of single-sided textured 60-mil HDPE geomembrane, 2.3 million SF of double-sided textured 60-mil HDPE geomembrane and 29,000 LF for geocomposite vent strips. Along with the geomembrane installation, various HDPE pipe boots, vent flaps and HDPE seep shields were also installed throughout the course of the project.

The crew did an outstanding job to maintain a safe and efficient manner of work, in spite of the constant high winds and rain delays they encountered on a weekly basis. We commend Arnulfo and his crew on another good job well done!


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