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COMANCO Environmental Moves Forward with Settling Pond Deployment


COMANCO Environmental continues deployment of geosynthetics at a gold mine in Northern Nevada. To date, the crew has installed over 195,000 SF of 60mil smooth HDPE geomembrane, 80mil smooth HDPE geomembrane, and 200mil Geonet in the settling pond. The crew has also installed over 40 gas vent flaps in the primary liner and a 36” HDPE pipe boot.

Superintendent Martin Calderon and the 11 man crew have faced cold and snowy conditions throughout much of the deployment process. The crew has had to be tied off using safety harnesses while working on or near the 1:1 slope that surrounds the entirety of the pond. Despite the difficult working conditions of the site, the crew has moved forward on schedule and without incident.  Martin and the crew have demonstrated COMANCO’s core values of SAFETY  QUALITY  SERVICE. We look forward to seeing the project again upon its completion.

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