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COMANCO Environmental Completes Northern Nevada Settling Pond


COMANCO Environmental has recently completed a multi-layer geosynthetics installation at a Northern Nevada gold mine. The three layer system consisted of 60-mil smooth HDPE geomembrane, 200-mil Geonet, and 80-mil smooth HDPE geomembrane. The crew installed 89 gas vent flaps in the primary liner. The installation also included the fabrication and welding of four 36” pipe boots that penetrated both the secondary and primary liners as well as an 8” pipe boot in the primary liner. Six 60-mil textured HDPE rub sheets were fully welded to the primary liner to allow for access to the pond.

Superintendent Martin Calderon and the 11-man crew worked through cold and wet conditions throughout the majority of the deployment process. The crew did an excellent job of utilizing fall protection equipment while deploying the geosynthetics on the 1:1 slope that surrounds the pond. Thank you, Martin and crew, for another successful project!




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