COMANCO Employees Receive Training on Chains & Slings

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This week, several COMANCO employees from various departments received valuable training from Certified Slings & Supply. Below were some of the topics covered by Regional Sales Manager Bob Bacon and Territory Manager Robert Carbonneau.

  • The different types of alloy’s used to make chains and why different types are used for towing, lifting and tying down equipment
  • The grading of chains (i.e., grade 70, grade 80, grade 100) and using the correct grade for each application.
  • How to read the tags on certified slings; must list the capacity for lifting at various angles and must be in place and legible, or the chain is to be taken out of service.
  • When inspecting chains, look for pitting, stretching, gouges, twists, bent or broken links, and any signs of wear.
  • How to correctly use a lifting chain and the various types of clevises and their correct usage.

Regular inspecting, testing, servicing, and certification of lifting equipment is one step that can be taken to ensure that all equipment is maintained in good working order. This, in turn, will help prevent any accidents due to faulty equipment.

This meeting proved to be very informative and gave us the needed knowledge to help determine if the chains we send to the field are in fact, ready to be used.