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COMANCO’s Fleet Department hosted a live-fire demonstration for all office personnel this week. This annual training is important because it will help them locate an extinguisher quickly, giving them a better chance of bringing the fire under control. We had a large turnout with 32 employees in attendance.

We discussed the importance of inspecting your fire extinguishers monthly.

  • Always review the attached instructions.
  • Confirm the needle on the gauge is in the GREEN, signifying no pressure leak.
  • Check the tamper seal and pull the pin to confirm they are in place. The tamper seal should never be a zip tie.
  • Check the tank’s body for any signs of dents, corrosion, or signs of leakage.
  • Check the discharge hose for any dry rot or blockages at the nozzle.
  • Turn extinguisher upside down to ‘fluff’ the dry chemicals, stopping the extinguishing agent from packing up at the base.
  • Lastly, initial and date the inspection card and secure it back to the extinguisher.

During the demonstration, Mechanic Earl Lynch instructed the group to extinguish a fire using the PASS acronym properly.

P – Pull

A – Aim

S – Squeeze

S – Sweep

Fire extinguisher training covers more than just how to use a fire extinguisher — it educates employees about existing workplace fire hazards, teaches them how to respond appropriately, and keeps everyone around them as safe as possible.