COMANCO Employees Complete Defensive Driving Course


Over the past couple of days, nearly 40 COMANCO employees completed the Advanced Driving and Vehicle Dynamics Course. This behind the wheel training was conducted by Driving Dynamics which was established to help corporate fleet drivers develop expert, safe driving skills using proven, advanced driving techniques thereby giving them the critical advantage to Stay Safe behind-the-wheel.
COMANCO mandates that all employees who have the need to drive a company vehicle while carrying out their scope of duties attend this class. During this training, COMANCO employees had the opportunity to learn and master evasive driving maneuvers. The COMANCO employees were pushed outside their normal driving comfort zones during many of the exercises. This training provided all participants with a better understanding of vehicle capabilities and safety mechanisms. Whether driving for work or pleasure, COMANCO employees walked away with a new found confidence behind the steering wheel and the ability to properly react if the need ever arises.

JUNE is National Safety Month