COMANCO Employees Attend Skid Steer and Loader Training

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This week, a group of COMANCO employees attended Skid Steer and Loader Training.

Ken Howard, Safety Trainer for Herc Rentals provided this valuable training; this consisted of classroom safety and equipment hands-on training out in the field.

The class was divided into two parts: The first involved safety protocols on the operation of heavy equipment, encompassing the same concepts OSHA and MSHA use to instruct our personnel. The second involved operational training of the skid steer and loader, which led the instructor to patiently teach each trainee how to operate the equipment, regardless of their experience.

Upon successful course completion, COMANCO employees were issued a certificate. Congratulations to our employees for completing this important training and receiving your certificate.

Educating all employees on the value of working safe has always been a priority for COMANCO. Training provides our employees with awareness and understanding of workplace hazards and how to identify, report, and control them.