COMANCO Employees Attend FPP / MSHA Safety Training Sessions

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Last week, another group of our employees attended the Florida Phosphate Producers FPP, Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Refresher course.

The FPP course is a training program that addresses new hire and contractor safety, and orientation to the types of hazards workers may encounter on site. This refresher class is required annually for all COMANCO employees to renew their certification to access the Florida Phosphate Producers members facility, mines sites, and Mosaic Florida Sites.

Federal law requires that all miners receive basic and annual refresher training and all mine operators maintain an effective training plan. MSHA provides materials, guidance, and hands-on assistance to help miners and operators meet their training obligations. 

Safety Training and Consulting provided the 10-hour class that fulfills all the requirements. The training program is required for all “new hires” as the initial program to obtain the Florida Phosphate Producers Picture Identification Card (FPP ID Card) that allows access to the Florida Phosphate Producers’ members’ chemical plant facilities. Our employees will be receiving their new FPP card and MSHA slip in a couple of days.

At COMANCO, safety is one of three core values ingrained in our corporate culture.

Each employee’s personal safety and health are of primary importance, as evidenced by COMANCO’s safety record, with a 0.71 Experience Modification Rate (EMR) issued by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).

Here are just some of the ways COMANCO makes Safety First:

  • Providing safety-related education and training 
  • Promoting a proactive approach to managing occupational safety and health
  • Providing incentives and recognition to employees who demonstrate good safety habits
  • Establishing and promoting these Best Practices at the Leadership level
  • Developing COMANCO’s mobile safety reporting infrastructure allows every employee to publish and receive safety lessons learned and shared by their co-workers.

COMANCO’S commitment to safety and health and the cooperation between employers and workers are linked to:

• Improvements in production and quality.

 • Better employee morale.

 • Improved employee recruiting and retention.

 • A more favorable image and reputation (among customers, suppliers, and the community)

Managers at all levels make safety and health a core organizational value by establishing safety and health goals and objectives, providing adequate resources and support for the program, and setting a good example.

Workers are encouraged and have the means to communicate openly with management and to report safety and health concerns or suggest improvements. Employers and workers cooperate to identify and select methods for eliminating, preventing, or controlling workplace hazards.

Finally, processes are established to monitor the program’s performance, verify program implementation, and identify program shortcomings and opportunities for improvement.

The key to accident prevention is situational awareness. Employees are constantly reminded that accidents occur when they fail to observe what is happening around them. Each employee has “Stop Work Authority” if they identify a dangerous condition. More importantly, they have been trained to recognize potential hazards and make better decisions.

Offering COMANCO employees these essential skills is another way to confirm our commitment to COMANCO’s SAFETY culture. The bottom line for COMANCO’s customers: Fewer reportable incidents mean greater productivity and minimized risk.

At COMANCO, Safety will always be our first concern.


COMANCO is an environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in constructing containment facilities and the nation’s leading service provider to the geosynthetics marketplace.

COMANCO has successfully built a team of employees who strive to beat the competition by finding newer and more efficient ways to provide Safe and Quality Service to our customers. Our reputation for being Client and Service oriented extends through COMANCO’s recruitment strategy. We are committed to the selection of talented and dedicated individuals seeking professional growth. COMANCO is always looking for great employees to create the most productive working environment where you can do your best in serving our Customers.

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