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COMANCO Employees Attend 3-Day Training for GSE Leak Location Liner


With new geosynthetic liner innovation and technology comes extensive training in installation and leak detection. COMANCO employees are attending a 3-day training course to learn about Leak Location Liner, an electrically-conductive geomembrane product offered by GSE Environmental.

Jimmy Youngblood, Technical Support Manager with GSE, is onsite to provide classroom and hands-on training. This training teaches the methods for detecting the leaks in the geosynthetic liner. The Spark Testing Method is used on exposed applications and can detect even the smallest holes. The Dipole Method is used once the liner is covered with water or soil.

COMANCO, along with our valued vendors, continue to set the bar by eliminating challenges associated with traditional liners.

For more information on GSE products, please visit: https://www.gseworld.com/