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COMANCO Educates UF Students on Geosynthetic Liner


COMANCO traveled to the University of Florida this past weekend to partner with CDM Smith and Engineers Without Borders to give a geosynthetic demonstration to UF students.

Students were educated on safety while operating equipment and the advantages of geosynthetic liner installation versus a natural clay pond. This geosynthetics clinic was held to give the students perspective on materials to use on their upcoming group projects. They received the hands-on experience of feeling the difference in materials between HDPE, LLDPE, GCL, and Polyethylene liners.

Participants with Engineers Without Borders were given the opportunity to operate both our Columbine and Demtech wedges, Extruder Guns, leister, grinder, vacuum box, and tensiometer. The COMANCO staff tested the students’ welds, and all their samples passed with flying colors!