COMANCO Continues to Make Progress in Louisiana Despite Delays

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COMANCO continues to make strides on one of Louisiana’s largest gypsum stacks despite the challenges. The project consists of a two-layered system, including 35 acres of 60mil liner and 17 acres of composite.

COMANCO crews were faced with many challenges in the early phases, nearly constant rain, less than ideal subgrade conditions, substantial water seepage from the neighboring pond, and four named storms, two being hurricanes, throughout the past four months. It’s been challenging, to say the least!

The crew is being led by one of the best in the business, Superintendent Tony Sanchez. He’s not only helping to lead our crews through a challenging project but has been a significant resource for our client to work through all the challenges.

Overall, while the project has been a challenge, our crew has maintained a positive attitude and continues to put their best foot forward. They truly embody the COMANCO way of Safety, Quality, and Service.