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COMANCO Continues on Polk Co. Cell Expansion

Led by superintendents Chase Yarbrough, Arnulfo Martinez and Bill Newman, the Polk Co. crew is prepping the remaining cell footprint for liner installation next week, while continuing to install the liner system in the first two subcells. The earthwork includes the installation of a sock drain system in subcell 3, final subgrade prep/excavation of subcell 3 LC/LD trench, building the southern berm and installing southern storm water RCP piping.

While the remaining earthwork takes place, the liner crew is continuing to install subcell 1’s primary composite layer and secondary composite layer in subcell 2. They will be hitting the ground hard at the end of this week and into next, installing the primary liner and composite layers in subcell 2. Meanwhile, they are also placing drainage gravel material and installing leachate detection and leachate collection systems.

There are a lot of different tasks going on simultaneously. The crew and supervision is doing an outstanding job keeping everybody’s mind on the task and performing work safely. *A big thanks to Superintendents Larry Graham, Jorge Barrantes and Tony Sanchez for bringing their crews to the North Central Landfill, making the significant progress in the past couple weeks possible.