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COMANCO Completes the First Phase of a South Florida Brownfield Reuse and Gas Mitigation Project

COMANCO recently completed the first phase of a Gas Mitigation Project in South Florida.  The project was led by Superintendent Jorge Barrantes.  The crew worked safely to install over 510,000 square feet of 60 HDPE liner which will act as a vapor barrier and prevent potentially harmful gases from entering the building.  The crew also installed 10,500 LF of Sch80 PVC for a gas collection and detection system.  The PVC pipe along with the 30,000 LF of a trenchless venting system installed by the crew are designed to divert the harmful gases in the brownfield away from the building.  The foundation and slab for the building will now be formed and poured on top of clean base material that was installed over the liner system.  The Gas Mitigation system that COMANCO installed is the first phase of the safe and successful brownfield reuse project for our valued South Florida client.