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COMANCO Completes Texas Tank Containment Project

COMANCO Environmental has finished up construction on a secondary tank containment liner project near Killeen, TX.  Two identical secondary tank containments were lined with a geocomposite cushion layer on the concrete subgrade with a reinforced XR-5 liner being installed over the top to act as the containment layer.  The XR-5 was mechanically fastened to the interior tanks’ concrete ring walls and outside perimeter with batten bar.  Additionally, custom 5’ long x 6” thick XR-5 sand tubes were created and placed to act a ballast system for adverse weather conditions in the area.  Lastly, a yellow, textured XR-5 Walk-mat was installed to allow for safe access for maintenance work on each tank.  Superb job to Supervisor, Max Macedo, and his 9-man crew for completing this very detailed job with quality workmanship safely without any incidents.