COMANCO Completes Cell Construction in NE Illinois

Led by superintendent LeRoy Smith, the 12 man crew finishes a 5 acre cell construction project just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Liner system consisted of 1 acre of textured HDPE geomembrane install on a 3:1 slope, 4 acres of smooth HDPE geomembrane install on floor section and an 8oz geotextile over nearly the entire 5 acre footprint. The crew then came back to complete an additional 5 acre textile install over a sand drainage layer. Like previous projects in this area of the country, the crew had to battle rainy weather throughout construction. These men did a great job staying safe and staying aware to daily changing conditions while producing quality workmanship. Thank you guys, for showing consistent dedication to COMANCO’s commitment to Safety ★ Quality ★ Service all over the nation. Please see some progress photos below.