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COMANCO Completes 57,084 SF Chemical Waste Storage Ponds (Known as Sandbeds)


COMANCO recently completed 57,084sf of Chemical Waste Storage Ponds in South Carolina. The ponds were lined with a Geomembrane 60 mil Texture HDPE Liner.

COMANCO finished both ponds in 12 hours with a crew of 9 personnel and never sacrificed safety or quality. This included installing the liner and surveying with GPS equipment to produce as-built drawings.  They crew accomplished this through teamwork, well planning, coordination with the customer and using tools, such as the COMANCO Liner Winch, to deploy the liner over steep slopes.

The crew was led by Superintendent Jorge Barrantes, Foreman Pedro Beltran, and Project Manager Thomas Raab.  COMANCO completed the project without a single safety incident and ahead of schedule!

Job well done!  Thank you to the COMANCO Crew for exceeding excellence in Safety, Quality, Service, and Customer Expectations.


SI Sandbeds - COMANCO (4) SI Sandbeds - COMANCO (3) SI Sandbeds - COMANCO (2) SI Sandbeds - COMANCO (1)