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COMANCO Completes 1st Phase of Florida Dredge Basin Liner Project

Over the past 4 weeks, COMANCO Environmental has been working on installing a 40-mil HDPE geomembrane liner for 1 of 2 new 15-acre Dredge Basins being constructed in Melbourne, FL. Compliments to Superintendent, Jorge Barrantes, and his 8-man crew in getting the basin lined efficiently and safely. It took great coordination between the COMANCO team and the earthwork contractor to complete this basin with drainage ADS sockpipe being installed in ditches once the liner was installed.

In addition to the 660,000 SF basin liner, COMANCO also deployed 215,000 SF of 40-mil HDPE liner in a Clarifying Pond to the North. Both areas included detail work including, 24” pipe boots, extrusion welding to HDPE embed set in previously poured concrete structures and the installation of HDPE rub sheets.

COMANCO will return to complete the liner system 2nd Drainage Basin in about one month.