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COMANCO Begins the First Phase of a ClosureTurf® System at EPA Superfund site in Mississippi

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COMANCO teams up with KEMRON, and WatershedGeo to begin the capping of a gypstack located in Pascagoula, MS.

This project marks the first time an engineered geosynthetic turf cover system will be installed at an EPA Superfund site.

Lead by Superintendent Chase Yarborough, COMANCO has successfully installed approximately 14.5 acres (640,000 sqft) of the 50mil Super Gripnet Liner, provided by AGRU America. During the time on this project, COMANCO has maintained its culture of safety while deploying, grinding, and welding the 50mil Super Gripnet Liner, resulting in no major injuries.

COMANCO is ready to begin the next steps of the project, which include: deploying and welding the engineered synthetic turf on top of the Super Gripnet Liner. The “ClosureTurf®” system was specifically designed to address the environmental and performance failures of traditional vegetated landfill closures. EPA chose the system because of its proven ability to handle large waste settlements, lower infiltration rates, and significantly lower maintenance costs for the taxpayer.

COMANCO believes that protecting the environment is more than a job; it is a public trust. We believe in doing every job, “The COMANCO Way,” because it is your community and our reputation.

Learn more about this project: WatershedGeo deep-dives into how ClosureTurf® will not only provide environmental benefits to the surrounding communities but how it will also save the American taxpayers in both the short and long term.