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COMANCO Begins Deployment at Northern Nevada Gold Mine


COMANCO Environmental has recently begun a liner installation project at a gold mine in Northern Nevada. The team is installing over 235,000 SF of 60-mil smooth HDPE liner, 80-mil smooth HDPE liner, and 200-mil geonet for a settling pond. The crew will also be installing over 21,000 SF of 80-mil single sided textured HDPE liner and 5 HDPE pipe boots. The pond has varying slopes with a 1:1 section running around the entirety of the pond.

The 9 man crew is led by Superintendent Martin Calderon. The crew performed a thorough job walk going over all aspects of the project with a few members of COMANCO’s management team, mining personnel, and the earthworks contractor on site. The team covered deployment plan, safety hazards, and site conditions while giving time for each member of the team to voice their opinions and thoughts on the project. Today, the crew began deployment of the 60-mil smooth HDPE secondary containment layer. Please enjoy some of the photos from the first few days on site.