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COMANCO Begins Coal Ash Vertical Expansion in Northeast Florida


COMANCO Environmental has started construction of a 1.5 acre liner project in Northeast Florida. The liner is being installed to allow continued vertical growth of an existing coal ash landfill. The scope of the project includes: – Stripping the existing surface, – Placing a 2′ thick soil subgrade, – Deploying 60-mil textured HDPE geomembrane over the bench and slope, – 950 LF of liner tie-in to existing system, – Installing 300-mil double-sided 8 oz/SY geocomposite over the liner, – Placing a 2′ thick layer of protective cover over the geosynthetics, – Installing sod cover for erosion control. This project will be led by superintendent, Tommy Herrmann and will have a crew of 8 men. The expected duration of the project is 45-60 days.