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COMANCO Attends TRI Training in Austin, Texas


Last week, five COMANCO employees traveled to Austin, Texas to attend the Professional Development Courses at TRI Environmental. QA/QC Manager Tammy Klish and Project Engineer Alex Russell began the week with Liner Integrity Surveys (Electrical Leak Location). They were trained to operate several different pieces of leak detection equipment which included spark testers, arc testers, water puddle/water lance testers and dipole testers. As part of the training curriculum, they also learned the limitations of the equipment and the importance of setting up proper boundary conditions when conducting an electrical survey.

Tammy and Alex were joined mid-week by Project Engineers Greg Pignataro, Evan Cline, and Kip Thompson to continue their education with Field QA/QC training in Geosynthetics, Compacted Clay, and GCL Liner installations.

While taking advantage of the Professional Development Course training, Greg and Kip also took exams for the Geosynthetic Inspectors Certification Program (GCI-ICP).

During their stay, the COMANCO group also took a tour of the TRI laboratories which was led by Vice President of Geosynthetics Services Division, Sam Allen.

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