COMANCO Attends Presentation ‘The Natural Gas Outlook and Other Things’


On May 10th, John Harpole of Mercator Energy concluded the 2014 Phosphate Conference, in Boca Grande, with an informative presentation on ‘The Natural Gas Outlook and Other Things’.  Mercator Energy LLC, located in Littleton, CO, has been providing a wide variety of energy services to western U.S. natural gas producers and end-users since 1993.  John Harpole, Mercator’s founder and owner, managed natural gas purchasing requirements for General Electric facilities located throughout the US during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  That hands-on experience led to a comprehensive knowledge of natural gas interstate pipeline dynamics and regional pricing differentials. 

Mr. Harpole gave a detailed and insightful glance at natural gas and sustainability.  He encouraged everyone in attendance to share this information so please take a few moments to view his Phosphate Presentation: 

Mercator Energy – Phosphate Presentation