COMANCO Achieves Substantial Completion at ACMS Landfill


COMANCO Environmental has successfully reached Substantial Completion on schedule and on budget at the new ACMS Class 1 Landfill.  Construction commenced 8 months ago and the project team lead by Project Manager, Clayton Lung and Superintendent, Arnulfo Martinez maintained a consistent pace of progress to reach this milestone.  Two new sub-cells were built with a complete geosynthetic liner system.  In addition, each cell contains a leachate collection pipe system which leads to two leachate sump riser pads equipped with Sligo pumps.  From the sump areas, a pressurized forcemain runs to six FRP Leachate Collection tanks where the liquids will be collected for future treatment.  Overall, this was a very successful project and COMANCO would like to thank ACMS, Inc. (Owner), Stroud Engineering (CQA Engineer), D.B. Construction (Concrete and Ductile Iron subcontractor) and Gaudette Electric, Inc. (Electrical subcontractor) as key team members in making this project a success!