COMANCO Achieves Certificate of Completion at Miami-Dade Cell 20


On May 28th, COMANCO Envrionmental received the Certificate of Completion for a 10-acre cell expansion at the Miami-Dade Ash Monofill in Doral, FL. The project was completed within budget, ahead of schedule and most importantly with no accidents or injuries. Some highlights from the scope of work were: * Stripping & Demucking * Backfilling & geosynthetics sub-grade preperation * A 5 layer geosynthetic system consisting of GCL, 2 layers of 60-mil white HDPE geomembrane, geonet & geocomposite * 2′ of protective cover sand over the geosynthetics * Over 3,000 LF of HDPE collection & detection piping wrapped in river gravel & geotextile * Two new manholes tied into the leachate collection & detection systems * A solar panel alarm system for the leachate detection system Upon completion of the 2′ protective cover sand, an electrical leak location survey was performed by Leak Location Services, Inc. to ensure the liner system did not have any holes. Please see below aerial photos showing the progress from start to finish.