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Carlos Garcia Earns a Promotion


COMANCO’s Carlos Garcia Earns a Promotion to Superintendent

We are excited to announce that COMANCO’s Carlos Garcia has earned a Promotion to Superintendent! Carlos has been a valuable member of our family for an incredible 20 years, starting with us in 2003. We couldn’t be happier for him and are proud to see him continue to grow and succeed in his new role.

When asked about working at COMANCO, Carlos shared his love for the company, saying, “I love to work for COMANCO! It’s like family here. I’ve always been treated well and had the best safety and quality service opportunities. I’ve learned so much, including new technologies.” Carlos’s dedication to COMANCO is clear; he has turned down job offers from other companies because he is so happy with his work here.

Carlos’s passion for family time is also essential to his life. He loves taking his wife and sons out to the lake at home, making up for lost time while on the road. He understands the importance of being there for his family and tries his best to attend his son’s big tournaments. We admire his commitment to both his work and his loved ones.

COMANCO is honored to have Carlos as a part of the family and congratulates him on his promotion to Superintendent. We look forward to seeing him continue to thrive and succeed in his new role, and we are grateful for his 20 years of dedicated service. Congratulations, Carlos!

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