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2023 COMANCO Honoree & Award Ceremony

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2023 COMANCO Honoree & Award Ceremony: Celebrating Our Outstanding Performers

COMANCO hosted our first-ever Honoree and Award Ceremony this year to celebrate our outstanding performers in 2023. Attendees dressed to impress at this red-carpet event, where we recognized each department honoree and every employee who has committed over 20 years to the company. Congratulations, and thank you to each of you for your contributions this year. Your unique talents genuinely make you the star of the show, and we couldn’t be more proud of your accomplishments. Listed below are all of the individuals who were recognized at the 2023 COMANCO Honoree & Award Ceremony:

20+ Year Honorees: 

Tommy Topp:  33 Years of Service

Todd Kirkman: 31 Years of Service

Justino Ruiz: 24 Years of Service

Juan Granados Cruz: 24 Years of Service

Willie Boswell: 22 Years of Service

Jorje Mendez: 21 Years of Service

Carlos Granados Cruz: 21 Years of Service

Scotty Martone: 21 Years of Service

Arnulfo Martinez:  21 Years of Service

Fredy Serrano: 21 Years of Service

Sesar Quirino: 21 Years of Service

Carlos Garcia: 20 Years of Service

Librado Vasquez: 20 Years of Service

Mario Domingo Salez: 20 Years of Service

Department Honorees: 

Aamin Joshi: Accounting Department Honoree

  • Responds promptly and thoroughly to Payroll’s questions; quickly notifies Payroll about issues and provides ample information to make corrections; never holds up processes.

Marcelo Santos: Accounting Department Honoree

  • Goes above and beyond to explain processes with diagrams; is understandable even to someone without field experience; quickly provides A.P. with vendor setup info, P.O. adjustments, etc.

Ben Chitester: Estimating Department Honoree

  • Large workload; growth in client relationship building; instrumental in client and company success for 05 Division; actively helps others in the department improve on geosynthetics cost estimations. 

Jeremy Giles: Fleet Department Honoree

  • Works very closely with Fleet implementing HCSS Dispatcher functions; started sending in Service Requests early on; has submitted more requests than any other user.

Rebecca Martinez: Fleet Department Honoree

  • Made significant contributions in a short amount of time; quickly learned and trained others in various roles; was very involved with setting up equipment in Spectrum and Dispatcher.

Jorge Barrantes: H.R. Department Honoree

  • Updated new hire training; helped revise Progress Review questions; improved New Hire Orientation; began ETP; participates in reviews; assists in interviews; embraces technology.

Billy Menard: H.R. Department Honoree

  • Provides detailed info during Progress Reviews; Encourages employees to communicate their needs; helps H.R. and his team with documentation, scheduling, technology, and training.

Elizabeth Surface: I.T. Department Honoree

  • Leverages software for efficient processes; is open to embracing change; propels our tech department forward by understanding Spectrum; testing and implementing the Dispatcher Needs Request.

Amberlee Johnson: Marketing Department Honoree

  • Consistently powers through projects with commitment and enthusiasm; COMANCO’s social media content has improved under her guidance; large body of work and exceptional teamwork.

Alejandro Loza: Employee Training Program Honoree

  • Helps with crew rotation, different welders per week; Detailed training to get more welders to the Crystal Lagon level; assisted with international training.

Miguel Medrano: Employee Training Program Honoree

  • Regularly assists with new hire training; always pairs trainees with experienced liner tech immediately; strongly encourages promoting from within the company.

Martin Calderon: 05 Liner Division Honoree

  • Continuously completes projects no matter where or when; well-maintained job sites; leads a cohesive crew; provides safe, efficient service; manages proper paperwork and daily photos.

David Ramirez: 05 Liner Division Honoree

  • Our face out West; increased our presence in the mining industry; instrumental with crew traveling and training logistics; ensures our personnel and equipment meet MSHA guidelines.

Pablo Medina: 05 Liner Division Honoree

  • Never backs down from a new challenge; uses his experience and leadership to take on any job; he and his crew can always be counted on to travel across the country at any time.

Gerardo Ruiz:  03 Civil Division Honoree

  • Excels through challenging projects; maintains a professional demeanor; communicates his action plan; accurately understands projects; produces excellent results; assists with crew coordination.

Arnulfo Martinez: 03 Civil Division Honoree

  • Truly stepped up this year; used his experience to help others grow in their roles; managed tough clients/contractors, upheld our core principles and strong work ethic; inspires his team. 

Bill Newman: 03 Civil Division Honoree

  • Used his experience to lead crews through difficult tasks; faced some daunting dewatering efforts and logistics; stepped into his new role and emphasized giving employees new opportunities. 

Ramon Irizzary: 15 International Division Honoree

  • Led the way and was critical to the success of the AES project in Puerto Rico; helped track down the only full-size skid steer on the island and didn’t leave the facility until the machine was secured.  

Michael Taylor: 07 ECS Division Honoree

  • Always reliable; his ability to stay even-keeled helps him continue to grow in his role; manages a high volume of projects while helping train those under his umbrella, paving the way for their growth.

Carlos Garcia: 07 ECS Division Honoree

  • An experienced leader; continues expanding his catalog of projects; embraces new challenges; maintains COMANCO’s core principles; He and his crews move without delay or complaint during the year. 

Sesar Quirino: QA/QC Department Honoree

  • Helped train multiple QAQC Engineer’s and QC technicians this year; keeps in touch with all QC techs in the field and answers their questions; all while keeping up with Arnulfo’s crew in deployment.

Fredy Serrano: QA/QC Department Honoree

  • Kept destructs from Naples incredibly organized; saved time and money for COMANCO when the engineer requested an archive; made us look organized and valuable to a customer.

James Kile: Safety Department Honoree

  • Goes above and beyond for Safety; nominated for a DNA Award by Nevada Gold Mines; sets a high safety standard; establishes partnerships by demonstrating responsibility, honesty, and integrity.

Todd Kirkman: Safety Department Honoree

  • Embraces the COMANCO way; always willing to provide safety advice to crew members; puts the team’s safety first; professional integrity on job sites; strengthens COMANCO’s reputation/trust.


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