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2019 COMANCO Wellness Raffle Winners

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It’s a great day at COMANCO as 20 employees won the luck of the draw in our 2019 Year-End Wellness Raffle.

These employees who completed their Annual Physical early will receive a $50 Gift Card!

A BIG thanks to the Corporate Office Employees for assisting the HR Department in drawing the winning names.

Please join us in congratulating our winners!

Christine Thomas Shelvon Brooks
Sean Wilkins Eddie Taylor
April Warren Samuel Acosta
Absalon De Leon Mendez Paul Shearer
Antonio Vega Salazar Ricky DeSoto
Juan Luis Felix Montilla Raymond Done
Wayne Wilkinson Karen Dotson
Homero Buenavidez Ryan Van Hall
Gerardo Ruiz Rosales Khalid Bashir
Darrell White Terrance Goodson

As a reminder, the deadline for submission to keep your reduced premium rates in 2020 is 12/31/19. Don’t procrastinate; schedule your 2019 Annual Physical today! If you have questions, contact the Human Resources Department.

Congrats again to our Raffle Winners!!!