12 more COMANCO team members successfully complete Water Safety Training

July’s Water Safety Training held in Bartow, FL was a success with all twelve COMANCO crew members passing with flying colors. The all-day training started in the classroom with the basics of water safety and then moved outside where our equipment operators ran through real-life scenarios and learned how to safely retrieve another person from the water, use their life vests, assist others in making it to shore, survive in the water for extended periods and much more. Some of the training was conducted in full work gear, to help the trainees get a glimpse of what a water accident would feel like. At the end of class wrap-up, many of the participants said they would make sure to double up on their water safety awareness and preparedness after having gotten a taste of it. Others said their confidence was much higher now that they’d be able to survive a water accident since they knew the proper safety steps to take. Thank you to the STC instructors and Moretrench for their excellent safety program. More employees will be undergoing this training in the months to come.