COMANCO Begins Work in Southeast Idaho

COMANCO Environmental has begun prepping for the deployment of HDPE liner for a phosphate plant in Southeast Idaho. The 61 acre stack features 390,000 square feet of single-sided textured 60-mil HDPE geomembrane and 2.25 million square feet of double-sided textured 60-mil HDPE geomembrane. Roughly 35,000 linear feet of geocomposite strips will be installed under the geomembrane in order to relieve any gasses that form under the liner. The project also includes the installation of numerous pipe boots and seep shields.

The project is led by Superintendent Arnulfo Martinez working alongside a 13 man crew.  We look forward to seeing the progress as the project moves forward. Be safe and keep up the good work!IMG_0617

IMG_0618   IMG_0602IMG_0585     IMG_0619 IMG_0628 IMG_0629

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