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Renewable Energy

Powering the Future.

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Landfill Gas (LFG)

Landfills produce methane, a greenhouse gas that can be converted into energy.

LFG can be used to generate electricity and heat to power or heat buildings.

More and more landfills are using LFG to power their vehicles, cutting down on net waste and emissions.

(See examples of past COMANCO projects.)

Geosynthetics + LFG

Geosynthetics are used to capture Landfill Gas.

When combined with high-quality piping, geosynthetic systems divert the methane produced by Landfill decomposition.

Capturing and repurposing reduces greenhouse gas emissions and produces much-needed energy.

See past projects that saved over $1 MILLION in energy costs. 

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the Future

There are Economic and Environmental Benefits for active Renewable Energy Landfill Projects. 

The right geosynthetic system will optimize procedures by:

Surpassing regulation standards,
Reducing the overall carbon footprint, and
Monetizing abundant methane gas resources.

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