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Why Choose Sod over Seed?


Why Choose Sod over Seed? Find Out:

Your project needs grass- but you need help deciding on a method. Do you use sod or seed? Which one is better? We’re here to solve the Sod vs. Seed debate. After weighing the pros and cons, our judges are unanimously in favor of sod. But don’t take our word for it; here are some reasons why sod is the winner in terms of time, quality, and maintenance. 

Faster Results:

  • Unroll, roll out, enjoy! With sod, you get a lush, green lawn immediately. No waiting for weeks or months for seeds to germinate and sprout. 
  • Skip the muddy mess: Seeding often involves bare soil, leading to soil erosion and muddy patches. Sod provides immediate ground cover, minimizing mud and preventing weeds from taking root.

Quality and Performance:

  • Professionally grown perfection: Sod farms cultivate healthy, dense grass under ideal conditions, often with a blend of varieties suited to your climate. You get a consistent, weed-free lawn, unlike the patchy results you might get with seed.
  • Faster erosion control: Slopes and bare patches are vulnerable to erosion, especially during heavy rain. Sod acts as a natural barrier, protecting your soil and creating a stable surface.
  • Year-round installation: While seeding has seasonal limitations, sod can be installed almost any time of year (except for extreme temperatures). This flexibility gives you more control over your lawn renovation timeline.

Low Maintenance and Convenience:

  • Less watering and weeding: Established sod requires less frequent watering and weeding compared to seedlings, saving you time and resources. Sod’s dense growth also suppresses weed germination, reducing your battle against unwanted intruders.
  • Traffic-ready in weeks: You can enjoy your new lawn sooner! Sod, once established, can handle foot traffic and playtime much faster than a seeded lawn.

Sod is the way to go and offers a quick, high-quality, and low-maintenance alternative to using seed for your project. COMANCO’s Big Roll Sod Tubes are the perfect way to store, transport, and install sod. With COMANCO, you can choose from our various materials and sizes or submit a custom request. To learn more, place an order, or contact us with questions, visit comanco.com/big-roll-sod-turf-tubes/. 


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