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Wellness Ca$h Prizes & Lower Premiums: Is Your Name on the List?


In October, the HR department will hold our Annual Wellness Raffle’ with CA$H Prizes  80 COMANCO employees who submitted proof of their 2014 physical will be entered into the raffle.  As of today, it looks like at least 83 COMANCO employees still need to call a doctor and get their physical exam scheduled by December 31, 2014, if they want to pay le$$ for their medical insurance in 2015.  To verify that we have your 2014 Annual Physical Completion form, please contact Natalia or Luz in HR.

Remember:  we only require a completion form- please don’t send any results to us!  If you have any questions or need help with finding a clinic or a Doctor, call United Healthcare 1-866-844-4864 or visit www.myuhc.com or call Natalia/Lucy 813-988-8829. If you plan to keep your spouse on our medical plan in 2015 and want to pay le$$ for the medical insurance premiums, please remind your spouse to take a physical in 2014 and send proof to HR.

Stay Healthy!