Project Near El Paso Texas Is Almost Complete


The COMANCO evaporation ponds project near El Paso, Texas is nearing completion. Superintendent Martin Calderon and his crew have nearly all 8 ponds completed. The project includes installation of over 1,600,000 SF each of 40-mil high density polyethylene (HDPE) conductive geomembrane, 40-mil HDPE white geomembrane, and 150-mil geonet layers. Over 140 gas vents, eight 6″ pipe boots, one 12″ pipe boot, will be installed as well. This project also includes spark testing of the conductive geomembrane layer and over 800 linear feet of extrusion welding to embed material. The crew has worked through windy and dusty conditions in a safe manner and has had no accidents or incidents. Good job Martin and his crew!