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I am a Cancer Survivor and my message is “Get checked early, get checked often”


Our own Matt DiTarando (IT) stopped shaving for 30 days as part of a nationwide “No Shave November” campaign, when men grow out their mustaches and beards in order to raise awareness of men’s health problems, including prostate and testicular cancer. “I am growing my beard because I am a cancer survivor and I want to get the message out for all men to get checked early, get checked often”, says Matt. “I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in July of 2007 and started treatment almost immediately.

If diagnosed early many cancers are “curable” with modern treatments. I am proof positive: I was declared “cured” by my doctor after 5 years of clear checkups.” This awareness campaign wants people to notice the beards and say, ‘Wow, they look awful, but, hey, I should get my prostate checked out.”

Did you know that 97% of prostate cancer is curable if its caught early? Do you know it only takes a total of 34 seconds, the full prostate and testicular cancer screening? Ask your Doctor about prostate and testicular cancer screening during your next visit.