Geosynthetic Installation Commences in Miami, FL


Last week, COMANCO Environmental started the deployment of the geosynthetics for a new 10 acre cell at the Miami-Dade Ash Monofill located at the COVANTA Renewable Energy facility in Doral, FL.  This 5 layer system is made up of a GCL (geosynthetic clay liner) base layer, a secondary system consisting of 60-mil white HDPE geomembrane &  250-mil geonet and a primary system made up of another 60-mil white HDPE geomembrane & 300-mil Double-sided geocomposite.  Two liner crews were brought in to expedite the installation of these materials with the finish date scheduled for the end of this week.  Upon completion of the geosynthetics, 2’ of protective cover sand material will be placed over top.  Three leachate collection trenches made up of 8” HDPE pipe wrapped in river gravel and geotextile will be installed as well.  Below are some pictures showing the GCL, secondary 60-mil HDPE liner and geonet being installed.