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Florida Chemical Plant Remediation and Closure

The crews at a local Florida chemical plant have been making an immense amount of progress the past few weeks on the closure of a gyp stack, the lining of cooling ponds, and the closure of the plant.


The gyp stack closure is being led by Project Superintendent Gary Mitchell, and 5 of the 17 manholes have been installed along with approximately 1,500 LF of 24″ header pipe. The crew will begin installing a slope drain system in the next week or two on this large earthwork project.

IMG_0319 IMG_0440 IMG_0444 IMG_0513

The cooling pond liner project led by Foreman Max Macedo is progressing in the south east corner of the installation area headed west. 90 acres of the 155 acre area is now lined.

A crew had previously finished the plant closure work this past March.IMG_1011